The professional competency of e-stimate personality profiles

The professional competency of e-stimate is largely credited to our professional Advisory Board consisting of experts, whom contribute to the tools having a constantly high professional standard and quality.

At e-stimate we develop and deliver professional profile and test tools.
This means that all profiles and test tools have a theoretical basis and that they are valid and accurate to use.

It is important, that there is a solid theoretical starting point, but also that the theory can be transformed into value in practice. Therefore, we run an ad to shine a spotlight on the fact that the academic foundation leads to results in practice.

Your guarantee for high quality

We are a member of the following recognized test provider organizations:

The Psychometrics Forum
Association of Test Publishers
VPP Center for Knowledge of Professionel Assessment

When using e-stimate tools, you are guaranteed quality in both test, ethics and personal data security. All our tools have a recognized theoretical foundation and have plentiful in evidence of what they establish and what it entails in relation to behavior, life conditions and motives behind actions.

Swiss quality training services 

We are a Swiss training company based in Zug and are known for our leadershipsales, communication and negotiation trainings, through which we won clients like Bank Julius Bär, Novartis Pharma, Oracle, Bayer, IBM, SFK, Japan Tobacco International, IBM, Lufthansa Technik and many more, and have been serving them successfully for more than a decade.

Quality is our mantra

Quality of our service is our highest priority in everything we do!

The services and programmes tailor made by Siegel carry this promise and we deliver this quality to your offices and locations in Europe, MEA and the Americas.

BEKB – Berner Kantonalbank AG

“One of the main reasons for choosing Siegel Human Resources Ltd. was that the concept of internal co-trainers gives us a direct contact with the delegates and an insight on how our people are being trained, all this right from the beginning. We can motivate our own people together with the external trainers during the training session and have a clear view of their abilities and where to focus …”

Maximilian G. Haselbach,

Head of Training, BEKB


We developed and delivered leadership, sales, negotiation, special sales onboarding and continuous coaching programmes for Oracle EMEA and Oracle APAC.

We developed special online offerings in direct collaboration with Oracle University.  

Hamlet Protein

I were, for a longer period, looking for a person profile tool I could use for recruitment of employees for production as well as administration. At the same time, I wanted a tool to be used for development contexts. The background for wanting to find this ’swiss-knife’ – an all-in-one tool, was a wish about building a common language about person profiles and behavior.

I found the all-in-one tool
I chose the e-interpersonal profile, which meet all above-mentioned demands.
Furthermore, e-interpersonal is because of the use of the four colors, very pedagogical and easy to understand.
I experience that the test material in a great way impart the individual profile. Moreover, I experience a high level of service and flexibility from the people in e-stimate and a high wish to constantly develop and improve the tool.

I am very happy working with e-interpersonal and e-fivefactor, which I use for the heavier recruitments. With these to profile tools, I have the optimal combination of test tools for recruitment and personal development of managers and employees of Hamlet Protein.

Vivi Stensdal, HR-Manager
Hamlet Protein

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