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Harry Tischhause

Swiss Federal Diploma Sales management
Leadership is about results. 

Federal Diploma in Sales Management

Early on he sold his first company  TK3000 AG Lüftungsreiningung, founded in 1996, to Walter Meier AG in 2008, with 40 employees and a net worth of €5 mil. 

Harry now offers very active and engaging training and certification for all levels of management. He is a powerhouse in leadership, sales, personality and negotiation training.

Harry is the founder of Aktinova AG, delivering HVAC solutions to customers in the DACH region, along with technical training for unique solutions. 

CEO of FM Immobilien AG

CEO of BVS Tischhauser

Member of the Board and CEO 2016

Leadership is about results. 

Swiss Federal Master Diploma in Banking. 

Diploma in Leadership HFW

Had his first house built by the age of 23 and by the age of 41 was already a proud grandfather. Ronald (Ron) enjoys the weather in Tampa, Florida and delivers exciting and eyeopening trainings to companies worldwide. 

Founder of Siegel Human Resource GmbH  / 1996

Member of the Board e-international GmbH / 2014

President of e-northamerica 2014

Master trainer in leadership, sales, negotiation, personality and cross cultural topics. 

Ronald Meier

Swiss Federal Diploma Banking expert
Leadership diploma HFW

Jer Jessi

Economist  ES

MAS in Service Marketing and management 

Leadership is about achieving goals in a way that is profitable for everyone

Jessi has a banking background, works for the Swiss Confederation and has 10 years of trainer experience.

She speaks 5 languages, started her own business at 29, is a mother and a real “power woman”.

As a coaching and business development enthusiast, Jessi can sometimes solve the impossible.

Co-founder and VP e-northamerica

Founder and President of CoachTheWorld

Leadership is about achieving goals

Entrepreneurial and accomplished trainer in leadership, sales and negotiation, with 11 years of training for multinational companies within the Fortune 500, spanning 3 continents, in four different languages. Moderator and establishment of international sales teams in several organizations that increase sales to over 110%. Pioneer North American presence at trade shows with 50,000 visitors and first sales. Co-founder and CEO Siegel Eastern Europe

Csaba Rácz

Denise Hürlimann

Denise Hürlimann

Dr. phil. Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP Supervisorin SGVT
Leadership is about achieving goals

Denise has a business background and a degree in psychology with diverse clinical and practical experience.

As a psychologist and book author with Eastern Swiss charm, she lives with her husband and three children in beautiful central Switzerland.

Scientific director of e-international

Self-employed psychologist with her own practice:


Leadership is about achieving goals
High level business executive and skills facilitator / coach with more than 20 years practical experience.
As Director of International Business Development, he has recognised sales management skills at both strategic & execution levels, good communication skills, strong people leadership and a strong focus on quality.
As a skills facilitator and coach he is known for giving purpose and for his motivational style (“it will only have a long term effect if it touches the personality“).

Martin P. Moser

Swiss Federal Diploma in Corporate Training & Workforce Development and Training 

Diploma as a Financial Planner

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