Individual profiles

Basic, light and easy

e-disc is a practical and simple dialogue tool showing primary behavior patterns.

The profile has a strength-based approach and the use of colors makes it easy to understand and use. If you are familiar with DISC, you might recognize many elements in e-disc. At the same time, you will experience a more accommodating report setup.

E-disc is our most simple profile and is ideal to be used withstudents regarding development and career or simple workshops.

A Swiss watchmakers precision tool!

e-interpersonal introduces you to eight facets/characteristics. This makes the tool significantly more detail-oriented.

You can use the profile for coaching, employee-, manager- and talent development.

We use this tool for the precision it delivers in talking to our customers about leadership, recruitment or personal development. It is intuitive and user-friendly. 

e-fivefactor is our most extensive personality profile and uncovers up to 30 personality traits.

The profile gives detailed information about a person’s basic personality. Thus, you obtain a broad understanding of the personality of the individual and a very deep knowledge about how the person acts.

e-fivefactor has a great extent of nuances and details, which makes it very valuable for developing managers, recruiting C-level candidates  and specialists from tactical level.

Team profiles & recruiting

So that’s how they are! 

The team profile gives you a thorough insight into the motivational factors of the team members, what they dislike, their communication style as well as their role in the team.

Having a common language within the team increases collaboration, communication and the effectiveness of the entire team. 

The team profile is a strong tool for team development, to bring on board new team members, to create project groups and to create an understanding regarding diversity.

We use the team profile to “heal” broken teams, solve conflict situations and most importantly, to develop a common language within the team and even the organisation. 

Job profile

Personality first!


Make a rapid match between candidate and job!


Say you have ten super candidates on your shortlist. Which one has the better fitting personality? Who is going to be more effective in their new role? How do you identify the “genius jerk” within the candidates? 

We use the job profile to select the best fitting candidate in terms of their personality, taking into consideration the requirements of the job and the entire team.

Organisational analysis

team & personal

Culture, trends and values

Create a map of the individual teams and of the entire organisation. Identify the values of specific departments or regions, pinpoint the culture and the differences between geographical regions. 

Create a “map” of your organisation, generate detailed and information based decision regarding change or other strategic decisions. 

Use the analysis for C-level decisions and board meetings. Create impact in your organisation through valid insight. 

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