Training methodology

Participants will be required to attend in a practical training that combines and connects theoretical input with intensive practical exercises and role training, supported by audio and video recordings for analysis, if requested.


The Personality Programme

This programme offers you a deep analysis of the self and of the team; it unveils personal motivation, possible conflict zones in the communication process, a person’s potential and value in and for the team. It offers an opportunity for self-discovery and provides you with a method to communicate more efficiently in every situation.

Knowing the decision making process and understanding the values that guide us will help us understand others and their drivers better. It will support us when working and communicating with peers, subordinates or customers.

„He who knows much about others may be learnt, but he who knows himself is wise.”

Lao Tse

Duration:         1 – 2 Days
Participants:  6 – 12

Leadership training

This training is addressed to companies, public agencies, health and medical facilities wanting to train a group of new managers to comply with their own internal operational conditions. The curriculum consists of four course modules.

Leadership course (2 days)
Team Management (3 days)

Motivation (3 days)

Intercultural Competence (2 days)


Duration:       10 days over a period of 6-18 months

Participants:   max.  12

Rhetoric and Dialectic for Managers

Does persuasion belong to your tasks? Do you regularly give presentations? Then you might want to carry on reading. 


Do you find yourself at the centre of this area of conflict consisting of audience, power of persuasion and logic of argumentation.  

Dive into this interesting training and experience your own rhetorical and dialectical competencies. Hone these classical skills and improve your power of persuasion, your eloquence and the logic of argumentation to perfection. 

To be even more successful as an executive! 

Duration:         4 – 5 Days
Participants:  6 –  8 

Power Presentations for Managers

Why are presentation skills important?

This is actually the wrongquestion! So let us rephrase it:

Why are excellentpresentation skills important?

“Presentation skills” is not a black and white situation. It is a rainbow of colours involving skills and your entire personality. Every individual has presentation skills. Some are better than others. The main goal is for your presentation skills to be better than your competition.

Having the superior product is never enough to guarantee business success. All stakeholders in business are expected to present their message with confidence and clarity to clients, partners, investors, etc.

And that is where the Siegel Power Presentations programme becomes helpful.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the thought of speaking to a group fill you with dread?
  • Are people left underwhelmed by your presentations?
  • Is putting together a presentation a nightmare for you?
  • Do you want to deliver powerful and memorable presentations?

If you have answered one or more of these questions with “YES“, then why not consider gaining a powerful edge in your favour?

By booking „Power Presentations“, you are guaranteed to improve the presentation skills of yourself and your team.

Duration:         2 or 2  + 1 days
Participants:  6 –  12

Sales & Negotiation

Consultative selling ODIR®

This training offers a sales strategy based on identifying the customers’ requirements through the development of unconscious and conscious needs. Delegates learn to use each opportunity at the right time, thus achieving higher results and developing more long term relationships with the customers.


Duration:         2 – 3 Days
Participants:  6 – 12

WIN-WIN Negotiations

In this programme delegates will discover and learn about how to reach mutually satisfying agreements (WIN-WIN concept) by
  • disengaging the people from the problem,
  • focusing on interests, not positions and
  •  working together to find creative and fair options.
To achieve the above goals, preparation, planning and structured thinking are important pre-requisites, but they alone will not ensure your success!
Duration:         2 – 3 Days
Participants:  6 –  12

Successful consulting  IDAR®

This programme helps technical consultants to become proficient partners in communicating with customers. It enables the consultant to uncover the real causes of difficulties.

The consultant picks up potential leads, thereby helping the customer, the own employer and enhancing the position of the consultant within the organisation.

Duration:         2 days basic & 2 days consolidation / refresher training
Participants:  6 –  12

Success Tele Sales

The programme is based on the applicability of the sales methods and techniques in your daily job by identifying customer needs using the ODIR® model. This training was specifically developed upon the request of a telesales customer and caters to the needs of telesales people in IT, banking, insurance and financial services. The programme has a hands-on approach with examples of real sales situations, thus guaranteeing higher results in only a few weeks.

Duration:         1 – 2 days (refresher workshops as well as individual coaching “on the job” if required)
Participants:  6 –  12

On the job coaching

Helping the individual team member to reach goals and targets is the main objective of our one-to-one coaching sessions.

These sessions are successfully deployed by Oracle, TPF, SKF and many more.

Individual coaching:

Duration:   1.5 – 2 hrs per coachee

Sales workshop:

Duration: TBD  (live or virtual coaching)
Participants:  6 – 12


Business Communication

Communication Analysis CA®

One of our most powerful tools in communication. We use it in negotiation, sales and leadership training. The visual presentation of the communicational behaviour of the participants gets the most attention.


The Siegel communication analysis CA® is a model in order to register verbally observable behaviours. The model is based on the Harvard IPA communication model (Prof. Bales) and may be employed for bilateral as well as multilateral talks.

A more efficient communication activates the already available knowledge, improves the motivation, enhances creativity, generates synergies and optimises the performance.

The emphasis is on the generation of resonance in human beings, on activating them to perform at their best.

Those who are able to influence emotions in a positive way and inspire enthusiasm will invariably achieve better results.

CA® improves the performance of the individual as well as that of the group and provides feedback on which behaviours should be intensified or reduced in a given situation.

Duration:         1 – 2  Days
Participants:  6 – 12

Non-verbal Communication


Mimics, gestures and posture during a conversation have a profound effect on our message when we communicate. Our partner during a discussion will be influenced by all these even if he or she is not aware of these behaviours on a conscious level. We focus on these elements and how you can master them, with practical examples from real life.  


Duration:         1 – 2  Days
Participants:  6 –  12

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